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Oil Sistem / Bosch

Contacts : David VALLERY (, Benoît LALLEMENT (

M-MR Series Hydraulic Power Stations

Centrales hydrauliques série M-MR
Centrales hydrauliques série M-MR
  • With Group 05 gear pump and motor from 0.09 kW to 2.2 kW
  • Reversible pump version
  • Reduced dimensions

Hydraulic power packs K-KE series

Centrales hydrauliques série K-KR
  • With Group 1 gear pump and motor from 0.18 kW to 4 kW
  • Choice of tanks and modular blocks, reversible pump version
  • Suitable for all types of applications

Z-ZL series hydraulic power units

Centrales hydrauliques série Z-ZL
Centrales hydrauliques série Z-ZL
  • With Group 2 gear pump and motor from 1.1 kW to 7.5 kW
  • Use of pump with SAE flange

IM Series Hydraulic Power Packs

Centrales hydrauliques série IM
  • Series with AC submersible motor from 0.55 kW to 7.5 kW and gear pump from 1.1 cc to 22.8 cc
  • Smaller footprint, lower noise level, longer service life of mechanical components

Electric valves

Valves électriques 1
Valves électriques 3
  • For directional fluid control in 2, 3, 4-way and multi-position versions
  • Flow rate up to 150 l/min. and pressure over 350 bar