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Hose reels for mobile machines

Contact : David VALLERY ( or José CHAROY (

Demac offers an industrial and professional range of automatic or motorised reels.

For hydraulic and electro-hydraulic reels, 1 to 8 hoses are available in lengths ranging from 2 to 50 metres as standard.

For electric reels with cables, we offer 2 to 36 wires for lengths ranging from 2 to 50 metres.

We can offer you customised reels based on your specifications.

Reels AG/F series

Data sheet : Reels AG/F 270 to 470

Data sheet : Reels AG/F 520 to 800

Reels AG series Standard

Reels AG Compact series

Reels A4 Compact series

Reels A4 series

Data sheet : Reels A4 296 to 800